Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Brains Talk 1

We do need to understand certain aspects of our complex mind in order to gain the knowledge and the courage to take control of our lives, to perform at our peak, and to thus achieve the quality of life we want. 

We need to understand that each human being has the potential to develop a mind that thinks correctly -- one that is amazing, extraordinary, powerful, competent, vigorous, influential, remarkable, creative, humble, secure, tranquil, imaginative, free, enterprising, determined, motivated, full of insight, inspired, illuminated, and visionary. 

When we don't think correctly, it's not because our memory has failed us -- as people often believe -- but that certain central functions of the mind have been misused and perhaps even misunderstood. Yet inside each of us are the tools and secrets we need. That's called, Think Correctly principles.

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