Friday, 28 December 2012

Don't Look Back © Judy Muldowney

Don't Look Back

by Judy Muldowney

Just keep on walking
A small voice said
Don’t dare look back
Look straight ahead

Yes so many things
Have changed
Think they'd stay
As you arranged?

Be strong and brave
Calm your fears
Keep that chin up
Dry your tears.

Yes love hurt
And broke your heart
Keep your head
And heart apart.

Don’t cry over
What you have had
At least you had it
Don't be sad.

This will be tough
But time will heal
Perhaps a new life
Will then reveal.

You are not new
To this whole game
You gave your best
You're not to blame.

The hardest thing 
There is to do
Is love someone
Who not loves you.

So is it worth it
What's to gain 
When you love someone
Who brings you pain?

Just walk away
And stand up tall
Count your blessings
One and all!

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